The national LSU Alumni Association (LSUAA) is offering joint LSUAA/local chapter memberships. The process has been simplified with an online application which can be accessed by clicking the JOIN TODAY button below. There is also a link to the benefits and levels of membership above the Basic level at $50.00. Some of the advantages of the online application system are:

  • elimination of inefficient and inaccurate paper handling
  • creation of an automated dues reminder/collection mechanism
  • consolidation/efficient upkeep of the massive alumni database

We encourage you to use this new online membership registration process. LSU benefits in its national ranking by having more alumni as members of the LSUAA. Our local chapter membership does not count in the rankings.

Membership also makes a GREAT gift! The best part is that you just have to love LSU to be a member…there are no other requirements! Incredible benefits and programs await you.

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